Top 7 Signs It’s Time to Restain the Wood Materials on Your Deck

Brad Burns Uncategorized

It is common for deck owners to ignore the condition of their wood until it is too late. Many signs point to the need for wood restaining, and some of them can go unnoticed, which often leads to rotting or splitting boards. Here is what to look for:

1. Stains On The Deck

If you find stains on your deck, they might be caused by rotting wood. Ensure to check the wood for soft or rotted areas and have them replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

2. Peeling or Flaking Paint

If there is peeling paint or flaking paint on your deck, it could be a sign of wood rot. This can also happen if you used water-resistant paint and it has not been appropriately maintained. The best way to restore the quality of the original wood is to sand off the paint and restain your deck.

3. Cracks on the deck

It is normal to see a few splinters or cracks on your deck, but if there are lots of them, it’s time to restain the deck. These can often appear after heavy rain or after repeated pressure. If they are not repaired promptly, they could lead to rotting and splitting.

4. Loose or Wobbly Boards

Wood can get loose if it is resting on a joist or other supporting structure. Make sure to check the boards for loose spots regularly. If there are any, have them repaired before you restain the deck.

5. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are a sign of moisture damage and wood rot. They can appear in moist areas of a deck and can be dangerous to your health. They can also make it difficult for your new paint to stick, so ensure the area is dry before you restain the deck.

6. Old, Grey Wood

Old, grey wood has lost its natural moisture and color. It can be caused by heating or air conditioning systems or exposure to sunlight. Even with proper maintenance, it is likely the wood will fade. You can restore its color and condition by sanding it down and applying a new stain.

7. Curling Edges

Curling edges signify that the wood is drying out and becoming less dense. It can also be caused by exposure to direct sunlight, not enough humidity in the surrounding area, and even improper watering of your plants and grasses.

In conclusion, wood restaining is an excellent way to restore the look and quality of your wood. It is also an excellent way to protect your home, and it adds value to your property. Make sure to have the wood restained by professionals regularly so you can avoid unexpected repairs.