When it comes to serving contractors, our goal here at Lakeside is quite simple. We want to ship your order complete, on time and with 100% safety. Our professional team is here to ensure your satisfaction at every turn, from the time you place your order to the minute it is delivered our comprehensive inventory of roofing, windows, doors, railings and decking materials and accessories give you direct access to everything you need to keep your customers happy. In addition, our rooftop delivery service means we can deliver your materials exactly where they are needed, saving you time and effort, and minimizing job-site risk.

Equipment: We offer a diverse fleet of trucks that includes Flatbeds, Moffett Trucks, Box trucks, Wall Board Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes, and Conveyors.

Re-roof Access: We've always taken a partnership approach with contractors. To help us ensure your order is safely delivered on time, please check the following items prior to placing your order:

  • What is the condition of the driveway? And, will it support a 75,000 LB/GVW truck?
  • Is the driveway narrow, winding, or steep?
  • Are there any wires, power lines, or tree branches hanging over the driveway blocking boom or conveyor access?
  • Are there any vehicles in the driveway or blocking access to the driveway?
  • Has a dumpster or work trailer been put in the driveway prior to Rooftop Delivery?
  • Do we have a property-owner signed Delivery Release allowing us to access the driveway?

New Construction Access: Prior to delivery, please be sure all new construction access roads are graveled and capable of supporting 75.000 LB/GVW trucks. Large trucks get stuck easily and may require towing, which of course, adds time delays and extra costs. If we believe we cannot load the roof without getting the delivery truck stuck, we will make every attempt to contact you for instructions while at the job site. Please inform your general contractor that towing costs will be charged to you. (We recommend you pass them on to your general contractor.)

Roof Structures: From time to time, a roof's structure may be unable to handle the added weight of delivered materials, so, before calling for Rooftop Delivery, please check your customer's roof structure. Because Lakeside's team members are not qualified inspectors, the contractor and/or building owner should verify the roof structure's safety. If the roof structure is determined unsafe to handle the weight, we may require a Delivery Release Authorization to be signed by the contractor or homeowner before loading begins.

Specialty Products: Because some heavier shake/slate simulated products may need to be spread over the roof deck and not entirely on the ridge. It is important that we work together to ensure a successful delivery. That is why we ask you to tear off and re-felt the roof before delivery. Any real slate, concrete tile, and/or clay tile orders will be delivered roof edge only, and will be price quoted on a per job basis. Metal roofing packages will be only placed on the ground; we will not deliver to rooftop.

Power Lines: As a standard safety practice, we maintain a minimum of a 10-foot clearance from ALL power lines at ALL times. If we cannot deliver your rooftop order due to this minimum clearance requirement, or a power line obstruction, we will make every effort to contact you from the jobsite to make other arrangements. Because we always keep our delivery team's safety in mind, this is not a negotiable policy.

Delivery Times: We understand how important it is for you to receive your material on schedule. To help with this, we have installed GPS global tracking systems in our entire fleet. This technology will help us coordinate the delivery based on your schedule. We schedule for 1) First AM deliveries 2) AM beforenoon deliveries 3) PM (afternoon or last out).

Re-Hauls: Please check your job sites for readiness, access, and load-ability. If an order cannot be roof loaded because of conditions beyond our control, we will always attempt to contact the customer for instructions while at the job site. If an order must be returned for re-scheduling, the charge will be $150. In the event where other orders on the same truck would be severely delayed due to the return, the order may then be delivered to the ground at the job site. A return to the job site for transferring grounded materials to the roof will be charged $65 per hour or $150 minimum charge. Delivery delays are most commonly caused by the following customer oversights:

  • Job site not ready and/or accessible
  • Incorrect address
  • Order cancelled and/or changed after the truck leaves the warehouse

Cancellations and Re-Schedules
If you must cancel or re-schedule an order, please do so at least 24 hours before the delivery date. Orders are routed, staged, and loaded on our trucks the afternoon prior to delivery. It takes several hours to complete this process.

Extra Delivery Charge Rages
Jobs that require special loading considerations will be billed as follows:

  • $130 per hour for Conveyor and driver and $65 per hour for each additional person.
  • $150 per hour for the Crane and driver and $65 per hour for each additional person.





At Lakeside we know you are running on a tight schedule to make sure your job-site is running efficiently, in the interest of helping you be even more successful we are introducing guaranteed delivery windows.


At Lakeside we strive for perfection in all areas, especially with our delivery fleet, whether you need a deck, dumpster, or door we have the trucks and the crew to get it done with perfect timing! If you request an order at a specific time your delivery will arrive within 30 minutes* before or after that scheduled time, guaranteed. If for any reason (mechanical problems, unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or an accident involving our vehicle, etc) we will notify you immediately so you can adjust your schedule.


Your orders will ship from our yard complete, we double check our loads with two sets of eyes to make sure we didn't leave anything off your order. Unless you are notified prior to shipment about a lack of stock or back order, we will arrive with all your products in clean organized fashion.


Quality is in our name, and here at Lakeside we know that not all brands are the same. We go the extra mile to keep top tier products in stock, and do our very best to make sure we will fill your order with you preferred and requested brands. In the event of a lack in stock, we may offer a comparable and quality alternative to you. If that product doesn't meet your standards we won't make the substitution and we will get you your products as quickly as possible.

*30 minute guarantee applies only to time sensitive deliveries, you must formally request this service and leave contact information at the time of the order.

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