Why You Should Choose Marvin Windows

Brad Burns Uncategorized

Marvin realizes people spend more time indoors, which opens up new possibilities for how people live and feel. Marvin started as a family-owned and operated lumber company in 1912, and they’ve looked for ways to make lives better by raising the bar and building beauty and quality into their products since then. There are many reasons why people love Marvin Windows, and below are only a few of them.

When you’re looking for windows that provide aesthetics and performance, Marvin windows has the style and type of windows you want. Marvin offers innovative window solutions with industry-leading sizes and an ability to mix and match. Whether the window type you seek is an awning, casement specialty-shape, or something else, there’s nothing like a Marvin window.


Marvin designs their windows to protect your home against the elements with impact-resistant glass. This glass stands up against damage from hurricane-force winds due to two laminated glass layers that help stop debris. When the glass in the window breaks, the laminated layers help the window maintain its overall integrity.


Homeowners look for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient as it helps to keep their homes comfortable and lowers their utility bills. Marvin offers energy-efficient windows that reduce heat loss with thin, transparent metallic oxide layers that suppress heat flow and reflect heat back inside the home. This layer helps to minimize heat loss, and during the warmer months, this layer helps keep cool air inside.

Friend Of Turtles

Marvin’s products meet Sea Turtle Conservation Codes that helps to ensure that newly hatched sea turtles find their way to the ocean. Light and reflection from windows can disorient freshly hatched sea turtles, which causes them to wander inland where they die from dehydration, predation, or run over by vehicles.

Marvin believes in striking the perfect balance between performance and style. No matter where you live and the climate, the high-performing thermal properties help keep your home comfortable all year long. Contact Marvin today so our experts can help you turn your dreams into reality.