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-Important Notice From Lakeside Roofing & Siding Materials, Inc.-

     Lakeside Roofing & Siding Materials, Inc. (“Lakeside”) – a seller of roofing, siding, windows and other building products and related services, and a wholesale distributor of building supplies and materials – has been operating its business in New York since opening its doors in 1977, trading as “Lakeside” and “Lakeside Roofing” and, more recently also adding “Lakeside Quality Building Products” to its trade and service marks.

Over the past few years and more recently, Lakeside has learned that some consumers may be confusing Lakeside’s longstanding business with the more recently formed retail construction and construction service provider, Lakeside Roofing & Contracting, LLC (“LRC/Kanga”), which was formed (by others) in 2014. Over Lakeside’s known objections, LRC/Kanga has been trading and continues to trade under what Lakeside believes is a confusingly similar name, “Lakeside Roofing” and/or “Lakeside Roofing & Contracting”, often with the added language “Home of Kanga Roof, We Hop To It”. Based on actual confusion in the marketplace and to dispel any future confusion between Lakeside and LRC/Kanga, Lakeside hereby advises all consumers that Lakeside and LRC/Kanga are separate entities, and that there is absolutely no affiliation,connection, association, or sponsorship between Lakeside and LRC/Kanga.

This notice is published with the hope of mitigating and eliminating any continued confusion in the marketplace between these two unrelated companies.

Lakeside is proud to serve its customers throughout New York and is determined to be your best choice for all your building product needs. While we do not perform actual roofing installations, if you are not already committed to another installation contractor, we will gladly recommend one or more contracting companies from our extensive list of valued contractor customers we have earned over our 41 years in business.



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  1. I have received extremely shabby treatment from Sundi Jones ignoring many problems with a roof Kanga installed. I would greatly appreciate communication with an officer of Kanga Roof.

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