Modern Home Renovation Trends to Look Out for This Decade

Brad Burns Uncategorized

Home renovations can radically transform your living space. Here are the contemporary renovation trends that offer both style and functionality.

Your Home Office

The next decade is likely to see more people than ever before working directly from home. A good home office space is a must. You’ll want one with a separate door and plenty of storage. Natural light from well-placed windows is also essential to get enough vitamin D. This is a good place for everyone in your family to engage in a personal side hustle.

Bringing in the Outdoors

Another trend that many homeowners in the Finger Lakes region appreciate is the chance to bring the outdoors inside. People feel better when surrounded by greenery. Niches for plants will remain popular. Designers are bringing in skylights in many rooms including the kitchen and dining room. Covered decks and three season spaces that bridge the outdoors and your interior spaces are another way to keep it inviting.

Integrated Technology

Smart home technology will only continue to evolve in the coming years. Homeowners want everything in their homes to work as one. That includes items from a smart thermostat to a smart doorbell. Home designers will find easier ways to connect every room in your house into a seamless whole. They’re also going to add even more energy efficient, green features. Solar panels will come down in price as well as becoming smaller and far more efficient. That will help you reduce your energy consumption and decrease your utility bills.


The days of using things for a few years and throwing them out are fast fading. Home buyers want items that are likely to last a lifetime. They’re willing to pay for more durable cabinets, flooring and other finishing when buying a home. The use of recycled materials is also likely to pay a lasting role. Using such readily available materials will bring down the costs of a home renovation for all homeowners.